Think creative land management.
sustainable returns that endure.
See value without expense.

Utilities are under pressure to generate sustainable value from land assets.

Managing environmental compliance across multiple sites can be both complex and costly. With every new construction project, monitoring KPIs and understanding your total environmental impact becomes more difficult.

Balancing the need to reduce your environmental impact while maintaining revenue streams from your land assets can equally be a challenge.

Innovative land management practices can help utilities marry these concerns – introducing nature restoration as a means of consistent sustainability and income.

Nature recovery and rewilding solutions for utilities.

Our technology-powered solutions are designed to evaluate and increase the value of your multiple existing land assets, while simultaneously minimising your environmental impact and meeting the expectations of your customers.

Pragmatic innovation.

We’ll build creative nature-based solutions that work within the bounds of regulatory restrictions – from understanding existing biodiversity or ecological value, to creating innovative strategies for improvement.

Our team can also advise on how to prioritise your spending – so you can maximise the benefit to your stakeholders, your natural capital and the public.

Accelerating rewilding for utilities.

Creative land management practices

Move land management into the 21st century – bringing revenue streams and environmental sustainability together by adopting rewilding principles.

Innovative habitat solutions

Think beyond what’s been done and build connected ecosystems. Bring nature restoration closer to urban design and integrate modular habitats into your infrastructure.

Modern and integrated tech

Use cutting-edge technologies and discover new ways to capitalise on your natural assets – from bioengineering and cost effective maintenance, to outstandingly creative natural habitat installations.

Scientifically backed surveys

Assess your existing natural capital using our spatial nature mapping, novel Biodiversity Plus Calculator or Habitat Valuation Calculator. See clearly where you have value and where you have opportunities for growth.

Forward-thinking plans

Create strategies that leave your land in a better state than it started, with modern approaches like beyond biodiversity net gain and rewilding.

Change the way you manage your assets.

Our nature restoration strategies for utilities let you understand what you have and what’s possible. We’ll identify and quantify your assets, plus build a strategy to achieve the amalgamation of your natural and financial goals.  

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