Ecosulis are at the intersection of rewilding, technology and commerce.

We specialise in taking a technology-empowered approach to nature restoration and rewilding. By exploring the potential of technology, we strive to make our ambition of accelerating global rewilding a reality.

Technology helps to achieve sustainable and commercially viable nature restoration.

Working together with our partners, we develop lifestyle-enhancing environmental solutions and innovate technologies that enable real-world results to be seen and measured, meeting the needs of people as well as those of nature.

We believe that by harnessing technology, we can pave the way for people to achieve rapid and transformational change – for the benefit of people, the planet and progress.

Now is the time for action. Together, we can restore our world And make your nature recovery ambitions a reality.

Technology-driven nature restoration backed by live natural asset data empowers the acceleration of rewilding

technology capabilities
from ecosulis

Defra (Habitat) Metric

Monitoring and reporting biodiversity net gain across a range of sites and projects helping landowners manage net gain, predict impact, and forecast habitat values.

UAVs / IoT

Using UAV drones and IoT to support efficient, accurate and large-scale biodiversity monitoring across sites.

Biodiversity Plus Calculator

A unique and highly specialised tool that measures change in biodiversity quality to empower the development of targeted biodiversity strategies.


Ecosulis is exploring the way in which blockchain technologies can work alongside fintech, land ownership and rewards to benefit nature recovery.

GIS Mapping

Performing GIS mapping, modelling and forecasting for nature-based projects.


Creating new revenue streams for landowners through the generation of carbon, biodiversity and rewilding (ecosystem restoration) credits.


Using user generated data to extract and quantify public interest in endangered species and natural landscapes.

Natural Capital Mapping

Identifying natural assets, from habitats to biodiversity, to measure the total number, quality and value of natural assets.


Our capabilities support real-world nature recovery. See for yourself.

A game-changing new platform that will – for the first time ever – create a marketplace for nature recovery, catalysing transformative levels of investment in the restoration of wild nature and creating new jobs and business opportunities

We’re helping global customers
achieve radical impact.

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Our approach is always one of collaboration.

We often test and develop technology solutions alongside other organisations, and are excited to bring nature restoration goals together with innovation. Whether you’re working on a project with complex natural hurdles, ambitious sustainability objectives or specific environmental regulations – we're up for the challenge.