Adding ecosystem restoration to progressive agendas

Understanding the past to protect the future

Prescriptive approaches to nature management have historically delivered disconnected nature protection activities, and consequently failed to slow wider declines in biodiversity.

Advancements in ecological and, in particular, rewilding science have started to emphasise that ecosystem interactions are essential to creating nature-based solutions for some of the planet's greatest challenges – from pollination to climate change and wildlife declines.

Rewilding embodies this shift

Rewilding aims to rejuvenate and restore

ecological interactions in an interconnected way – considering the influences of both natural and socio-economic systems to help bring value to both the planet and its people.

Our evolving understanding of ecosystem interactions is fuelling a different restoration approach.

There is now a growing ambition to apply a more proactive stance to reverse biodiversity decline – to not just defend our ecosystems, but to energetically and conscientiously restore them and their dynamic cycles.

To see true impact, this fundamental perspective shift must be reinforced by a global step-change in education and law-making.

Initiating a step-change in policy and education

We work with progressive organisations

that aim to create transformational change that benefits people and nature.

We believe that open dialogue and deliberation is key to seeing rewilding and proactive nature restoration adopted on a wider scale. Our team works with global organisations, communities and governments to empower this change.

From knowledge building and training to solution consultancy, we want to drive a positive dialogue around nature restoration. We aim to encourage the adoption of creative, sustainable policies that will benefit our collective future. Being engaged in practical projects, we are excited to showcase what is possible on the ground to achieve breathtaking results.


Research and analysis

We undertake scientific research and publish results to inform the work that we do and the advice that we give. We do this in a live environment – creating practical case studies and co-designing solutions with focus groups. This allows us to develop key data that can inform policy and decisions.

Training and workshops

Our team provides training courses and workshops to develop, educate and discuss critical rewilding and nature restoration practices.

Published works

Several members of our team are published authors, writing works about rewilding, the science of ecology and more for public and scientific consumption.

Community engagement

We have helped many landowners, local communities, schools, councils and businesses to realise the full potential of nature-based solutions. By implementing practical working groups and fields visits, all can see rewilding and nature recovery in action.

Nature restoration policy is important to us

Make global impact with Ecosulis

If you’re interested in changing our societies for the better through nature restoration, we would love to help. Whether you need an in-depth policy report or want to educate communities on the power of rewilding, get in touch and we’ll see how we can work together.