Habitat and ecosystem restoration is possible

reverse the decline

We help reverse the decline in biodiversity and recover nature.

Many of our most precious and sensitive habitats require ongoing management to be sustained. The health of these habitats affects the ecosystem services provided by our natural capital and the quality of the land that sustains people.

To achieve this, we work with a range of stakeholders, from landowners, government agencies, local authorities, conservation groups and corporations.

Land management practices need to be tailored to not only preserve the value of the natural capital, but also to enable biodiversity to thrive and people to benefit. This way we can both conserve what still exists and encourage the resurgence of at-risk habitats.

HabitatS and ecosystemS


The government has set ambitious targets to protect the highest quality and most endangered habitats.


While we should protect the best, we have an opportunity to kickstart and restore the rest.


Using innovative techniques, we are helping to create functioning habitats and greater opportunities for nature to recover.

Preserving the integrity of your land

Wetland. Grassland. Woodland. Scrub. Aquatic. Riparian. Hedgerow.

Whatever the area, we’ll work with you to understand the status of your land alongside the habitats and biodiversity it contains.

Using our Recoverable Earth Delivery Framework, our team will create bespoke strategies that help you manage your land – to fortify your habitats and let your ecosystems gain greater functionality and prosper.

Our habitat strategies.

Our habitat solutions

Our sustainable, nature-based solutions both solve land management challenges and make habitats more resilient. 

Put your habitats first, today

Whether you’re in construction or a private or council landholder, prioritising the condition of your habitats can be a struggle – but it has huge benefits for your land and for you. 

Get in touch with us today to see what we can do to manage and enhance your habitats.