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Developers benefit from a committed ecological partner, able to identify efficiencies and suggest innovative solutions.

We're used to working on projects at various scales, from large infrastructure to smaller developments. But one thing is consistent across every project - we listen to what the contractor wants, and suggest solutions that get results, as a
well as saving time and money.

Ecosulis is dedicated to helping you stay compliant with relevant legislation, but we're also pragmatic. We don't just offer you great advice - we'll help you deliver to programme and budget, too, troubleshooting problems on the go with our great team and network of reliable partners.

Partnering with Ecosulis from the beginning of a project can help you save on overall costs - we identify ways to deliver biodiversity net gain more efficiently and find cost effective mitigation and nature restoration strategies. We're not just here for nature - we're here for you.

What is Biodiversity Net Gain?

We hear you – BNG isn’t the easiest topic to understand, so we put together a helpful guide to the topic. Read it now for free.

We'll make nature-based solutions work for your development.

Our team has delivered nature-based solutions to top tier developers across the industry. We not only advise on projects, but also provide services, from cutting edge ecological baselines and monitoring to practical restoration services, as well as monitoring and aftercare.

Whether you're looking for mitigation strategies or nature recovery plans, woodland planting or wetland restoration, we have all the expertise you need. Our industry-leading approach will deliver nature-based solutions which will help your project succeed.

With decades of experience, we take a pragmatic approach to the delivery of construction projects and have a track record of delivering in challenging environments. From bat boxes to landscape-scale restoration, we have the solutions to help you succeed.

Nature-based Solutions for Construction and Engineering.

Plan to succeed

We work with architects, landscape designers and environmental specialists to evaluate the details of your plans. From seed mix to planting strategies, our team suggest improvements and redesigns that are ideal for the site and your targets.

Installing biosensing equipment in Somerset

See detailed insights

Using cutting-edge techniques, including our advanced UAVs, GIS, biosensing, and in-depth expertise, we can provide very specific information about the delivery of your build.

Planting at University of Birmingham

Hit environmental targets

We embrace sustainable nature-based options over artificial constructions. Natural flood management, integrated constructed wetlands, SUDS and other systems benefit the land, all without sacrificing effectiveness.

Protect what’s there

We'll help you preserve existing biodiversity during construction to minimise costs. Our solutions and mitigation advice not only decrease impact, but are designed to protect the specific species found on your site.

Reduce impact & costs

Interference with nature is unavoidable during construction, but our advice will help you understand how and when to work, so that you can reduce costs and negative impacts, while enhancing positive ones. Work smart, not hard.

Green site, happy clients

Our strategies will leave your land in a better state than it started, with modern approaches like 'beyond biodiversity net gain' and rewilding. Your clients will be delighted by the aesthetic and leisure opportunities of your project.

Compliant, innovative, green design.

We can work with you from start to finish on a development project, from impact assessments to maintenance advice. We’ll help you design plans that will deliver for your construction project, as well as for nature, in the most cost-effective ways. 

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