your natural assets
to changing climates
your land value

Public and private landowners are facing uncertainty from changing climates and financing schemes.

From agriculture and farming to country parks, we understand the livelihoods of land managers and owners are being increasingly challenged. The way your land is being valued is evolving. Alongside fluctuating natural and financial environments, these changes are challenging how you continue to generate revenue or engage communities.

There is new demand to mitigate climate impacts and secure the quality of food, water and natural capital resources. Finding alternative land management methods and new sources of value is a bigger priority than ever before.

Modern practices, such as regenerative farming, natural flood management and rewilding, offer ways for landowners to enhance the assets they possess on their land – introducing viable and enduring income streams and places that benefit humanity.

“Ecosulis recognised the value we had on our land and made sensitive suggestions to improve and enhance our natural environment and sustain our business.”

“Ecosulis created a vibrant and biodiverse green space in which local residents and visitors can experience and enjoy wild nature.”

Nature recovery and rewilding solutions for landowners.

Build a business plan that capitalises on your natural assets.

Regenerative farming, rewilding and nature recovery practices are the future of sustainable land management. Using our unique methodology, we’ll help you design and realise your ambitious visions for your land.

Innovative nature-based solutions.

Our team will help you capitalise on all your assets in order to create new value. From advising on how to improve existing capital – through livestock grazing, tree planting or natural regeneration for example – we can identify new revenue-generating opportunities, from natural goods and services to ecotourism or natural capital investing.

We can also help you to combat the many rising challenges of environmental change with future-proofed strategies like natural flood management, reedbed filtration or Sustainable Urban Drainage. Through innovative co-design with our partners, most of our solutions can work across public, private and agricultural landscapes.

Private land.

Innovative land management

Find novel ways to manage your land that satisfy environmental challenges, embrace your natural heritage and boost biodiversity. From green infrastructure to natural flood mitigation, we can restore the wealth of nature on your land.

Natural Asset Framework

Have confidence in our proven science-based approach to achieve your restoration ambitions. Our methodology uses a step-by-step framework to give you assurance for improving your land and meeting targets.

New revenue streams

You don’t have to choose between sustainability and profit – we'll help you deliver both by protecting your natural capital, capitalising on existing assets and finding new opportunities for improvement.

Public land.

Rewilding strategies

Harness your land assets in a sustainable, future-proofed way. Bring the wildness back into nature for the benefit of the environment, the public and your stakeholders.

Integrated habitats

Restore and rejuvenate your land to support ecological networks, thriving habitats and biodiverse wildlife, giving people and nature better places to explore.

Connecting people and nature

Integrate your natural and urban ideas to create complementary spaces. Improve the wellbeing of visitors and rejuvenate our relationship with the outdoors.

Get sustainable value from your land.

Our natural land management strategies – from rewilding to biodiversity assessments – give you new opportunities to uncover capital and overcome natural and financial challenges. We’ll advise on innovative ways to capitalise on your land and open the door to what’s possible.  

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