Ecosulis played a role in developing the following European principles of rewilding

Work at nature’s scale

Rewilding effectively means working at scale to rebuild wildlife diversity, abundance, and ecosystem resilience. We work to both enhance natural dispersal and connectivity, while giving nature enough space to change independently.

Act in context

Rewilding embraces people’s role in nature and explores new ways of working and living within healthy ecosystems. We always approach rewilding with the same understanding of a place’s ecological and cultural history.

Build nature-based economies

Rewilding provides new economic opportunities by supporting livelihoods and income linked to the health and resilience of wild nature. At Ecosulis we believe everyone has the right to earn a fair living from the wild.

Focus on the long-term

Long-term thinking ensures rewilding has a sustainable impact and builds resilient ecosystems for future generations. Ecosulis recognise that rewilding efforts must reflect the natural processes of biodiversity.

Work together

The best rewilding outcomes come from partnerships based on respect, trust and shared values. Ecosulis connect people and cultures so we can work together to benefit communities and nature.

Exchange knowledge

Exchanging knowledge and experts allows us to refine rewilding best practice and improve results. We rely on the best evidence, data, and past experience to inform our practices and achieve success.

Provide hope and purpose

Inspiring visions of a better future for people and nature are at the heart of rewilding. Ecosulis want to tell a story of what can achieved through rewilding and deliver practical action that benefits people, planet and progress.

Offer natural solutions

Rewilding addresses environment, social, economic, and climatological challenges. Through the delivery of nature-based solutions, we work to enhance natural processes for the benefit of all.

Think creatively

Rewilding means acting in ways that are innovative, opportunistic and entrepreneurial. Ecosulis is committed to driving the rewilding movement forward through new ways of thinking and doing.

Protect the best, rewild the rest

Rewilding complements traditional nature conservation. We commit to scaling up nature recovery, by simultaneously protecting the world’s most critical biodiversity areas as well as designing and developing new natural assets.

Let nature lead

Rewilding allows restored natural processes to shape our land- and seascapes in a more dynamic and sustainable way. We believe nature has the power to heal itself and that rewilding, by minimising human intervention, facilitates this process.


The Radical New Science of Ecological Recovery

In 2020 Paul Jepson & Cain Blythe launched their first book.

We received overwhelmingly positive mentions from the Financial times, Publishers weekly, Isabella Tree (author of "Wilding") and many more.

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