The practice of rewilding provides new economic opportunities by supporting livelihoods and income linked to the health and resilience of wild nature.

Across Europe, the ongoing success of rewilding initiatives is already leading to the development of new nature-based economies, providing a much-needed economic stimulus for rural communities. And in the UK, the rewilding of marginal land has already been proven to significantly boost job numbers and volunteering opportunities.

Driving viable nature economies.

“Rewilding can deliver significant benefits for a wide range of businesses.”

Boosting rural economies.

“We believe that rewilding represents an opportunity to rejuvenate rural economies.”

Rewilding offers benefits that justify the investments in nature recovery and changes in land use that will be needed to make the rewilding vision a reality at scale.

In the UK, the business of rewilding will be increasingly impacted by the growing need and opportunity to create a land economy based on the services and benefits generated by natural asset restoration, creation and management.

This business of rewilding is driven by FIVE political commitments

To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

To ‘leave nature in a better place than we found it’ through ecosystem restoration

To rapidly expand markets for natural capital credits

To transition rural payments from a subsidy to a public payment for public goods approach

To “build back better” after the Covid-19 pandemic

Coupled with this, investment markets are increasingly keen to finance rewilding initiatives. Major companies and institutions are looking to include offsetting as part of their aspiration to become both carbon neutral and nature positive (now an expected part of every organisation’s Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance strategy), and landowners are exploring and implementing nature-based business models.

In addition, the way that society attributes value to products and services – and consequently the way that people want to spend money – is also changing, with personalised experiences increasingly in demand. This, together with technological developments and a growing desire to spend leisure time closer to home, is translating into burgeoning business opportunities for areas with higher quality nature.

In short, a growing number of landowners, businesses and investment institutions are now taking financial decisions that support nature recovery.

Rewilding at Ecosulis.

As the UK’s foremost nature recovery and rewilding enterprises, we offer a range of rewilding advisory services, representing a creative end-to-end solution for those looking to rewild land and generate revenue from natural asset restoration.


The Radical New Science of Ecological Recovery

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