the climate emergency
Biodiversity net gain
people and nature

Governments need green solutions to recover nature and improve people’s livelihoods.

Government organisations – from small councils to large agencies – have a huge responsibility to help combat combined climate and ecological emergencies.

They are tasked with a difficult and multifaceted mission: reduce environment impact and improve nature, support citizen wellbeing, and maintain economic balance.

Already challenging enough, these organisations must meet their plans’ ambitious targets within specific budgets and changing policy regulations.

Modern nature recovery approaches, such as rewilding, enable rapid and achievable outcomes with radical results. Designed to incorporate circular and multidisciplinary approaches, these approaches will allow us to adapt to an agile and increasingly novel world.

“Ecosulis recognised the value we had on our land and made sensitive suggestions to improve and enhance our natural environment and sustain our business."

“Ecosulis created a vibrant and biodiverse green space in which local residents and visitors can experience and enjoy wild nature.”

Nature recovery and rewilding solutions for government.

We deliver restoration projects that consider the full benefits of nature for mankind. We take a proven, science-based approach to nature recovery. Using cutting-edge technology, our solutions deliver biodiversity net gain for the benefit of people, progress and the planet.

“Solutions that mitigate climate risk also create biodiversity-rich green spaces to support wildlife and help local communities connect with wild nature.”

Socio-economic improvement.

Our delivery framework is aimed at creating places in the world where society and nature do more than co-exist – they sustain one another. We can accommodate diverse ambitions and large-scale projects with all forms of government organisations. Whether you have specific targets to boost biodiversity or manage flooding, or a wider vision to create green cities, we have the expertise to deliver nature-based solutions to meet your requirements.

Accelerating rewilding for Government.

Nature recovery strategies

We can help small councils or large agencies create strategies that restore biodiversity and bring nature back to life, in line with specific targets or regulations.

Connect people with nature

By combining urban planning with a co-design approach to ecological recovery and biodiversity, we’ll help you think differently about how we can live with our environment and create natural green spaces that benefit people.

Impact mitigation

With rising concerns about climate change and the impacts of urbanisation, we can identify novel and natural solutions to these issues – from flood management to soil health to wildfire mitigation.

Innovative habitat restoration

Our nature recovery team will support you to restore habitats or introduce new ones, encouraging valuable biodiversity and diverse wildlife, from city centres to rural networks.

Know your natural capital and assets

Don’t let potential opportunities or assets go unknown. We can provide extensive surveys or spatial mapping of your land to identify all existing natural capital assets, and provide digital tools to inform development and decision-making.

Science-based consultancy

For over 30 years we have provided trusted advice, backed by proven expertise. All our work incorporates cutting-edge technology, including innovative tools for monitoring biodiversity and natural assets, developed in-house and guided by our scientific methodology.

Create a sustainable future with rewilding.

Whether you’re a policymaker, an environmental agency or a local council, we can create nature restoration and rewilding strategies that help you reach your targets and improve the livelihoods of people, wildlife and environments. 

Get in touch to find out how we can help you meet your ambitions.