Innovative rewilding credit development with Bunloit Estate


Carbon entrepreneur Jeremy Leggett bought the 500+ hectare Bunloit Estate in the Scottish Highlands in spring 2020, funded by an innovative green finance bond. The Bunloit Rewilding project was initiated with the aim to make Bunloit one of the most impactful accelerators of nature recovery by 2026.

Project brief

In July 2020, Ecosulis and Bunloit teamed up on a successful UK Innovation grant application for a feasibility study of Ecosulis’s CreditNature platform. This would allow Ecosulis to test our rewilding token and support Bunloit to identify the best route forward for nature recovery on the site and empower a ‘nature positive’ land management approach.




manage Biodiversity

Generating biodiversity credits to generate financial income, accelerate rewilding and kickstart natural processes – especially in biological desert areas.

Protect Habitats

Identifying opportunities to develop habitats across the 500+ acre and habitat-rich site, such as creating strategies to reinstate habitats as carbon sinks.

empower-us-to-act People

Building nature-based income streams, such as eco-tourism, and redefining how humans interact with the estate to benefit the potential for rewilding.

How we added value

Pioneering rewilding investment 

Ecosulis are using Bunloit to experiment with different models for rewilding tokens, benefitting from the many habitat and land types on the estate. These findings can be applied across many future estates and projects. 

Valuation of carbon and biodiversity stocks 

In support of building sustainable income streams, Ecosulis and Bunloit are exploring ways to increase carbon sequestration and biodiversity, and other nature-based income streams. 

Identifying and minimising human interventions 

The Ecosulis team were able to identify areas where past human activity has ‘engineered’ the land and ecology during a site walkaround, which would direct future rewilding, or accelerated rewilding, activity. 

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