Communications consultancy for WWF


With a strong background in content creation and an extensive network of contacts across multiple sectors, the Ecosulis communications team has a track record of telling the right stories at the right time. Team members have worked for a wide range of clients, including Rewilding Europe, the World Fish Migration Foundation, and numerous high profile magazines and newspapers. Effective conservation demands effective communication. Yet non-profits, nascent start-ups and even corporates often lack the expertise and capacity to create insightful, readable content that raises profiles, resonates with key audiences and influences decision makers.

Project brief

Ecosulis was commissioned to work on high-profile communications campaigns for WWF UK, WWF Scotland and WWF Cyrmru, and also teamed up with WWF Australia to produce a report on the potential of blockchain technology to bring about a step change in nature recovery and protection.




manage Biodiversity

Enabling and enhancing WWF campaigns that aim to protect and restore wild nature.

Protect Habitats

Minimising the negative impact of UK trade on habitats across the world.

empower-us-to-act People

Mitigating the negative impact of climate change on UK businesses and residents.

How we added value

WWF Scotland

In April, a report compiled by Ecosulis for WWF Scotland featured in a wide range of UK media, including the BBC, The Herald, Good Morning Scotland and STV.


Entitled “The Economic Impact of Extreme Weather on Scottish Agriculture”, the report explored how recent heat waves, floods, and cold snaps, many of which are thought to have been made more likely by climate change, are directly impacting the bottom line for farming businesses. It found that extreme weather contributed to losses of up to £161 million for Scottish farmers during 2017 and 2018, and formed a high-profile part of WWF Scotland’s ongoing campaign calling for urgent action on climate change.


“The work of Ecosulis helped us communicate the risks of climate change to agriculture and was incredibly useful for our advocacy work,” says WWF Scotland’s food policy manager Sheila George. “It was thorough, highlighted significant costs and received widespread pickup in mainstream press.”


For WWF UK, Ecosulis provided scientific and editorial advice on the charity’s UK Nature campaign. This included compilation of a number of conservation case studies, briefs for an environmental photoshoot with MPs, and assistance with a global footprint campaign, including the crafting of a hard-hitting press release calling on the UK government to reduce the impact of UK trade on the planet. 


To protect and restore UK nature, WWF UK is calling for a strong and ambitious new Westminster Environment Bill post-Brexit, including a due dilligence / private sector duty on UK businesses to reduce their global footprint. Engaging the public, decision makers and charities is critical to the success of this effort.

WWF Cymru

Ecosulis worked with WWF Cymru to compile, characterise and prioritise drivers of biodiversity loss in Wales. As part of WWF Cymru’s “Fight for Welsh nature” campaign, the report we produced will allow identification of policies which negatively impact the present condition and trends of Welsh nature, and the identification of new policies which could have a positive impact. Interviews with key opinion leaders confirmed the validity of our analysis.

WWF Australia

At Ecosulis we believe that nature conservation could (and should) benefit hugely from the application of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

As part of this commitment, we have teamed up with WWF Panda Labs – WWF-Australia’s award-winning innovation programme – to produce a report on the potential of blockchain technology to bring about a step change in nature recovery and protection.

As a precursor to this pioneering report, Ecosulis and WWF Panda Labs have also produced a four-page brochure calling for blockchain entrepreneurs and coders to join forces with conservation professionals to help restore nature for people and planet.

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