Rewilding tells a story of what can be achieved, rather than what needs to be done.

For us, we couldn’t have achieved what we have without our team. More than anything, we value people and culture.

Leading by example – "walking the walk" – is a cornerstone in our working ethos. We try to live out the message of positivity and hope of a better future in how we work and live. We aim to be the best we can be, and support our staff to do the same. This is why we’ve made diversity, sustainability and wellness key factors in our everyday work life.

Ecological surveying work
Ecological surveying work

Our team are extremely hard working and completely committed to rewilding and nature restoration.

We are a diverse group – including published authors and graduate interns, experienced staff planting tens of thousands of trees, fresh faces, scientific experts and creative geniuses.

Yet, we are a cohesive team – all inspired and motivated to work towards our shared purpose of accelerating rewilding globally.

Careers at Ecosulis

Are you excited by the Ecosulis purpose? Do you want to have a hand in making our planet a better place for future generations?

Well, we’d love to hear from you. We are always on the lookout for new talent and people who align with our culture.

The Rewilding Academy

We have just launched our own internship scheme – the first of its kind. We will be taking on new graduates each year to get hands-on experience in rewilding. Young graduates will be the pioneers of this work into the future, so we hope through this programme we can pass on our learnings and ignite the passion for nature recovery in the next generation.

Find your dream job at Ecosulis...

We are a friendly and open-minded group; if you’re interested in working with our team look no further than our jobs board, updated whenever we have a new opportunity.