About Us


We want to create a world where wild nature, businesses and people thrive in an interconnected and sustainable way

We see…

…a future where rewilding is not only a way to develop more space for wild nature or to benefit our health and wellbeing, but also a financially viable market.

We believe…

…in an opportunity for everyone to add value, driving positive impact at a global scale.

This is a story…

…of what can be achieved, rather than what needs to be done.

“Ecosulis are not only delivering what we have asked to a very high standard, but have added value to the project in a number of different ways. Ecosulis’s willingness and expertise in leading volunteers on some of the tasks, for example, has helped to develop community ownership of the works, which gives them an important legacy.”
Community Action & ERDF Wild Towns Project Manager


Our team are committed to core values that guide how we work with each other and our partners. We wholeheartedly believe in these values, demonstrated by our dedication to live and breathe them every day.  

Desire to learn

We are open-minded and innovative. We are eager to expand and share our knowledge, being excited rather than daunted by new opportunities to learn.

Committed and tenacious

We are willing to keep trying each and every day, seeking ways to help nature recover and improve people’s lives. We will continue to find ways do this, even when faced with failure, because we believe that even in times of adversity it is possible to find great success.

Creative problem solver

Our team has a solutions-oriented mindset. However, we don’t just present creative ideas – we run with them and turn them into a reality. It's important to us, as a team, to pioneer at the cutting-edge and to ground transformational change.

Being pragmatic

Our ambitious purpose is underpinned by a practical and pragmatic approach. Our confidence is grounded by experience and technical expertise, so we can put our broad knowledge into practice in unique ways.

Do the right thing

We aim to lead by example, in terms of our values, company ethos and purpose. We know that living sustainably isn’t easy – but we are aware of our responsibility to do so, and are determined to make this a reality.
Leading by example

Our business aims to advocate sustainability and positivity for people, businesses and nature. We want to reflect these ambitions in how we work, leading by example, not just words.

Here are some of the initiatives and accreditations we have as a company that demonstrate our commitment to our values:

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