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hectares of land recovering due to our rewilding strategies

Rewilding experts

Rewilding experts

What we do.

Ecosulis specialises in nature recovery and rewilding and is driven by a clear purpose – to accelerate rewilding globally. We take a pragmatic, technology and science-based approach to projects and apply rewilding principles that deliver high quality results, with measurable benefits to people and nature.

We're proud to partner with prestigious clients and progressive organisations across many sectors, producing consistent, valuable results.

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Our Expertise.

With over 30 years of experience, we have global expertise providing advice and services in habitat restoration, ecological consultancy, GIS mapping, biodiversity monitoring and green fintech. Such a broad base of knowledge means we often identify new and innovative nature-based solutions that save time and money.
“Ecosulis delivered maximum value for money and the team went above and beyond the scope of work on numerous occasions to ensure the highest possible standards were met."
The Wildlife Trusts
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

What we’ve done

Real-world projects.

We’ve worked with global organisations to add value and drive positive impact at scale, together.