Ecosulis to produce new report on blockchain for nature and society

Posted by Daniel Allen on 07/02/2019
Scheduled for publication in the autumn, the report will detail how blockchain technologies could shape new ways of restoring nature. As a precursor to this report, a call to action brochure was distributed at the recent Blockchain for Social Impact Conference 2019 in New York.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”

Posted by Sara King BSc (Hons) MCIEEM on 06/28/2019
Monitoring is usually undertaken as part of a project, however all too often it is not designed to provide information relevant to the questions being asked. If we can’t measure the impact that we are having on biodiversity, then how can we make informed decisions on how to improve it? 

Scotland the brave

Posted by Daniel Allen on 06/24/2019
Committed to a bold and visionary new way of managing land, partners in the Cairngorms Connect project are working towards a wilder, more forested Scottish Highlands.   

Meet the Ecosulis Biodiversity Team

Posted by Daniel Allen on 06/20/2019
With a background spanning industry, third sector and academia, the hugely experienced Ecosulis Biodiversity Team offers clients a diverse range of skills and expertise. Learn more about our fab four here.... 

The South Downs National Park: Wild nature on the up

Posted by Daniel Allen on 06/14/2019
In the UK's newest national park, the restoration of landscapes and wildlife populations is generating a range of benefits.    

Capital Connection

Posted by Daniel Allen on 06/04/2019
A growing number of British cities are now reevaluating their natural assets. In Greater Manchester a pioneering new plan could leverage such assets to generate returns for both investors and society.  

Ecosulis Rewilding Tech Challenge enters feedback phase

Posted by Daniel Allen on 05/31/2019
The Ecosulis Tech Challenge, which closed on April 5, generated a number of interesting submissions encompassing a wide range of rewilding-related technologies. While the quality and potential of these submissions was high, the Ecosulis judging panel felt that five of the most promising entries would benefit from further development. The panel has now provided feedback, with the five entries to be judged again - and the winner announced - in the early summer.

Rewilding: A walk on the academic side of rewilding

Posted by Vance Russell on 05/17/2019
Edited by Nathalie Pettorelli (Institute of Zoology, London), Sarah M. Durant (Institute of Zoology, London) and Johan T. du Toit (Utah State University), "Rewilding" was published in January 2019. Vance Russell, Ecosulis Biodiversity Lead, shares his thoughts on this new book.

Natural grazing: an emergency measure

Posted by Daniel Allen on 05/08/2019
The UK parliament has declared a "climate emergency". As a nature-based climate solution grounded in rewilding principles, natural grazing could (and should) play a role in averting disaster. 

Ecosulis report on the cost of extreme weather to Scottish farmers features widely in UK media

Posted by Daniel Allen on 04/11/2019
The report, compiled by Ecosulis for WWF Scotland, featured in a wide range of UK media, including, The Herald, Good Morning Scotland and STV.

Nature Recovery Series: The Great North Migration – Is Nature Prepared for Climate Change?

Posted by Sara King BSc (Hons) MCIEEM on 04/03/2019
Climate change is already having a huge impact on our planet. Are our systems and habitats resilient enough to cope with these impacts? Do we have the networks available to allow a great north migration?

Scotland: ripe for rewilding

Posted by Daniel Allen on 03/26/2019
Progressive land managment models based on rewilding and natural asset thinking can benefit local communities, wild nature and bottom lines. Some Scottish landowners are proving early adopters.