Bat Mitigation/Guidelines for Developers

Posted by on 07/27/2010
English Nature (now Natural England) guidelines for bat mitigation procedures with respect to development have now been published. This accumulated information draws from various statutory (Defra, Local Planning Authorities, etc) and non-statutory (ecological consultants, bat groups, etc) sources...

Wintering and Migratory Birds

Posted by on 07/27/2010
Many people are aware of the constraints that breeding birds can place on development projects, but fewer people seem aware of the requirement to assess wintering and migratory bird populations.

Ecosulis and the Wind Power Sector

Posted by on 08/02/2008
This year ecosulis ltd is pleased to announce that it has significantly strengthened the depth and quality of the service it offers to on and off shore wind farm developers. As we move into our third decade of commercial operation we have further diversified our survey and assessment capability by...