Our Story

Ecosulis specialises in making its clients' nature restoration ambitions a reality. We do this by delivering habitat design and nature recovery initiatives that leave a positive and lasting legacy. With over 30 years of experience, we offer pioneering, credible and science-based consultancy services, as well as hands-on contracting services.

Ecosulis has already protected and enhanced biodiversity at multiple sites across the United Kingdom, from natural capital mapping, virtual surveying, wetland restoration and woodland planting - we've got you covered. Underpinned by our investment in cutting edge research, innovation and technology, we continue to create and manage landscape-scale habitats that support wild nature and enrich people's lives.  

Our experience can help you imagine a world where people live alongside wild nature, not apart from it. A world where we place a far higher value on biodiversity, and where businesses and people benefit from that biodiversity in a sustainable way. This is the world that Ecosulis is committed to realising.

With attitudes towards conservation and natural resources now shifting, today we have a unique opportunity to add value on an even greater scale. Join us as we work towards a future where biodiversity, habitats and people can all flourish.

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