reptile survey

Posted by Alice Chaimberlain on 2/11/2015

I was first introduced to Ecosulis at Bristol University’s Internship career fair back in October 2014. At that time I hadn’t even heard of ecological consultancy as a career option, but after talking to staff I was keen to find out more and get involved.

Now I’ve reached the end of my internship and although I still have much more to learn, my summer at Ecosulis has allowed me to explore many different aspects of ecological consultancy from research collection, surveying, mapping and report writing whilst getting involved with conservation directly to protect British wildlife.

Posted by Sara King BSc & Hannah Maben BSc MIEEM on 29/11/2011

In September 2011, Natural England released New Reptile Mitigation Guidelines for Developers, which Ecosulis quickly reviewed and planned to implement.  In October 2011, Natural England decided to withdraw the first edition of the Reptile Mitigation Guidelines (September 2011), in order to seek further feedback and to provide further clarification.  Natural England proposes to reissue the public