Posted by Rod Ellison on 22/11/2011

This month has seen two big changes to operational revenue streams for renewables. On one hand the government seems determined to destroy investor confidence and the solar industry with the second unscheduled decreased in the Feed in Tariff (FIT) in the last ten months. Whilst on the other the long awaited consultation on ROC banding, although not entirely positive, is in the main a welcome firming up of policy direction.

Posted by Roderick Ellison - MSc BSc (Hons) AIEMA on 18/03/2011

As expected, there are some major changes in this new release, in comparison to previous government Renewable Heat Incentive proposals.

It has been confirmed that different approaches are being taken for the domestic and non-domestic sectors, with the RHI being introduced in two phases. Phase 1 will commence post-July 2011, when RHI tariffs will be available for the non-domestic sector.

Posted by Hannah Maben - BSc (Hons) MIEEM on 7/12/2010

Ecosulis attended the above seminar on 3 December 2010, which is the first of many proposed by the University of Exeter’s ‘Big Dilemmas’ project.  The symposium was video conferenced in two locations, Exeter and Tremough, and speakers were present at both locations. 

Keynote Speakers included:

Posted by Roderick Ellison - MSc BSc (Hons) AIEMA on 25/08/2010


Two part consultation, with the first section.

Part A covering changes that DECC plan to make to the RO by means of the next Renewables Obligation Order (ROO) which will come into effect on 1 April 2011. 

The Part A RO changes are: