Nature and Planning

Posted by Tamzin Wood on 26/10/2016

The damaging effect humans have had on natural resources has been more pronounced in the last half-a-century with 60% of the world's biodiversity being decimated. Severe climate change has been one of the fall-outs of this destruction of nature by man and one that we need to reverse. The UK hasn't been spared the effects of such changes as revealed by the State of Nature report recently published. Since the 1970s the UK has witnessed one of the highest losses of biodiversity on the planet.

The RSPB, the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environment Management and the Royal Town Planning Institute have published a report highlighting the importance of spatial planning and offering recommendations in order to ensure that development is sustainable and enhances the natural environment.

The report resulted in 12 principles created to highlight effective planning and to minimise damage to the environment-