great crested newt mitigation

Posted by Sarah Booley on 22/01/2016

Natural England and Woking Borough Council have launched a pilot scheme to explore whether a new system can be implemented to save developers time and money whilst providing more comprehensive mitigation and compensation for great crested newts. The main changes will include:

Posted by Sarah Booley on 8/03/2016

We didn’t have a particularly cold winter, however amphibians are now starting to move towards their breeding ponds and there is only 2.5 months to get started with your surveys. This is the only window to undertake eDNA, great crested newt presence/absence and population monitoring surveys to support your planning application. If this window is missed, great crested newts can cause significant delays to your project programmes, and can affect your layout.

Posted by Sarah Booley on 22/01/2016
In the final European Protected Species (EPS) Mitigation Licensing Newsletter of 2015, Natural England set out a number of important items including new information, reminders and other useful information which will help with the submission of EPS Licence applications, particularly those relating to bats and GCN.

Pre-submission Screening Service (PSS) for Wildlife Licensing

Natural England has recently been looking to reduce the amount of Further Information Requests with regard to great crested newt (GCN) licensing. The reason for this is that these requests often slow down the application process and this change helps to make it more efficient, particularly where only minor issues need to be resolved following assessment of the method statement.

Posted by Sara King BSc (Hons) AIEEM on 18/01/2013

Great crested newts on your development site can sometimes be seen as an inconvenience and a problem. They can cause additional expense and delays to construction programmes as they have specific seasonal constraints. However, if handled the right way they don’t have to be. They can even add value to your development.

Posted by Hannah Maben - BSc (Hons) MIEEM on 17/11/2010

Ecosulis has combined the implementation of ecological mitigation with our consultancy services for over 20 years.  This experience has been invaluable in refining measures proposed by the consultancy side of our business and now gives us great confidence that the measures we propose are both pragmatic and cost effective.  Here is a snapshot of some of our monitoring success stories from 2010!