Great crested newt Fencing

At a time that most ecological consultants are out undertaking great crested newt surveys and developers are squeezing in last minute commissions for 2016 the BBC News and Ecosulis are also considering what the future holds for this European Protected Species (EPS). 

Posted by Sarah Booley on 8/03/2016

We didn’t have a particularly cold winter, however amphibians are now starting to move towards their breeding ponds and there is only 2.5 months to get started with your surveys. This is the only window to undertake eDNA, great crested newt presence/absence and population monitoring surveys to support your planning application. If this window is missed, great crested newts can cause significant delays to your project programmes, and can affect your layout.

Posted by Sara King BSc (Hons) AIEEM on 18/01/2013

Great crested newts on your development site can sometimes be seen as an inconvenience and a problem. They can cause additional expense and delays to construction programmes as they have specific seasonal constraints. However, if handled the right way they don’t have to be. They can even add value to your development.

Reptile fencing and newt fencing projects can be undertaken at any time of the year. As a company we have installed over 200,000m of fence and have 20 years experience using a variety of methods ranging from hand digging, mini-excavators, bobcats or pedestrian trenchers, depending on the type of terrain, presence of obstacles and other constraints such as proximity to places of refuge or breeding. Therefore, we think we are well placed to provide advice and guidance regarding fence installation.