Posted by Natalie Cross on 22/07/2013

Bees and apples have a symbiotic relationship. Bees pollinate the flowers, allowing the fruit to grow – good news for the cider companies – and the apple trees themselves provide pollen and nectar early in the year, which is great for the bees as it gives them food. In the UK, 70% of our food crops are pollinated by bees, so they are crucial in our society.

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Details are yet to be finalised; however, what is certain is that amendments to the Conservation (Natural Habitats & c.) Regulations 1994 are due to be implemented from April 2007. This is a very complicated subject but the headlines of relevance to all those involved in development projects, are:

The European Protected Species (EPS) licensing system is to be changed because the UK was found lacking in the transposition of the Habitats Directive 1992 by a European Court Judgement in October 2005.