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Posted by Roderick Ellison - MSc BSc (Hons) AIEMA on 18/03/2011

As expected, there are some major changes in this new release, in comparison to previous government Renewable Heat Incentive proposals.

It has been confirmed that different approaches are being taken for the domestic and non-domestic sectors, with the RHI being introduced in two phases. Phase 1 will commence post-July 2011, when RHI tariffs will be available for the non-domestic sector.

Yesterday Ecosulis attended Ecobuild at Excel in east London.  The conference is one of the world’s largest conferences on sustainable building and renewable energy (micro to medium scale) and runs until the 3rd March 2011.  As always the conference had excellent seminars, a huge diversity of business represented and was very well attended. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

At the conference we noticed a 'Save our Solar Campaign';

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Hydroelectric power is without doubt one of the oldest power generation methods available - it forms a key role in the production of electricity across the globe. Using energy captured from flowing water, it is estimated that hydroelectric power contributed 19% of the world’s power in 2006. It is still the most frequently used renewable energy source worldwide, offering benefits such as a lack of direct emissions or by-products into the environment, easy maintenance and low running costs.

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This year Ecosulis Ltd is pleased to announce that it has significantly strengthened the depth and quality of the service it offers to on and off shore wind farm developers.  As we move into our third decade of commercial operation we have further diversified our survey and assessment capability by:

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The decision to grandfather has been on the following technologies:

  • Anaerobic Digestion and Energy from Waste with CHP – will get fully grandfathered support at the rate awarded at accreditation;
  • Dedicated biomass – will have support for non-fuel costs only grandfathered, based on the banding at accreditation; and 
  • Advanced conversion technologies – will get grandfathering at current rates.

No grandfathering for:

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Two part consultation, with the first section.

Part A covering changes that DECC plan to make to the RO by means of the next Renewables Obligation Order (ROO) which will come into effect on 1 April 2011. 

The Part A RO changes are: