Jo Neville CEnv MIEEM BSc

Posted by Jo Neville CEnv MIEEM BSc on 31/10/2011

Halloween is here and it seems that bats are everywhere, but most of those not made of plastic are likely to be finding places to get safely tucked up for the winter; hibernating in buildings, caves and trees across the country. And our hard-working ecologists can take a well earned breather; many long evenings and (very) early mornings of bat surveys are over for another year!

Posted by Jo Neville CEnv MIEEM BSc on 2/08/2011

As construction progresses at the Eastbourne Road development, ecological monitoring of retained and newly created habitats, and protection measures such as fencing continues. This season’s monitoring shows continued use of the ponds on site by great crested newt, and a second successful year for the recently installed bat boxes, which were used by brown long-eared last year, and pipistrelle this year.