How we added value

Biodiversity valuation

Ecosulis used information collected during the Environmental Impact Assessment to set an ecological baseline for a large water infrastructure project. Appropriate key indicators were selected, including botanical, bat and great crested newt data. This information was then assessed using the BQC calculator and a set of baseline values.

Biodiversity management

Based on habitat valuation results, the various Bristol Water landholding sites were ranked according to their habitat value. This ranking database allowed us to make recommendations about how to improve site biodiversity, and to conduct a  cost/benefit analysis indicating where targeted improvements could be made efficiently.

Habitat management

In addition to our habitat valuation tool, our Biodiversity Quality Calculator can also be used to inform decision makers regarding habitat creation. For example, ecological baseline assessments can help to decide which grass mixes will deliver a biodiversity improvement.  

More Information

Regarding biodiversity assessments on larger schemes, Ecosulis undertook a Biodiversity Quality Calculator Assessment to inform the Southern Strategic Support Main project, which is a £27 million water infrastructure project. This project aims to provide an enhancement in biodiversity and will include habitat restoration to the working area.


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