A chronological list of blogs relating to Ecosulis and the rewilding and restoration space.

Rewilding: A walk on the academic side of rewilding

Posted by Vance Russell on 05/17/2019
Edited by Nathalie Pettorelli (Institute of Zoology, London), Sarah M. Durant (Institute of Zoology, London) and Johan T. du Toit (Utah State University), "Rewilding" was published in January 2019. Vance Russell, Ecosulis Biodiversity Lead, shares his thoughts on this new book.

Natural grazing: an emergency measure

Posted by Daniel Allen on 05/08/2019
The UK parliament has declared a "climate emergency". As a nature-based climate solution grounded in rewilding principles, natural grazing could (and should) play a role in averting disaster. 

Ecosulis report on the cost of extreme weather to Scottish farmers features widely in UK media

Posted by Daniel Allen on 04/11/2019
The report, compiled by Ecosulis for WWF Scotland, featured in a wide range of UK media, including, The Herald, Good Morning Scotland and STV.

Nature Recovery Series: The Great North Migration – Is Nature Prepared for Climate Change?

Posted by Sara King BSc (Hons) MCIEEM on 04/03/2019
Climate change is already having a huge impact on our planet. Are our systems and habitats resilient enough to cope with these impacts? Do we have the networks available to allow a great north migration?

Scotland: ripe for rewilding

Posted by Daniel Allen on 03/26/2019
Progressive land managment models based on rewilding and natural asset thinking can benefit local communities, wild nature and bottom lines. Some Scottish landowners are proving early adopters.    

Conservation technology: a game changer

Posted by Vance Russell on 03/12/2019
Advancing technology can underpin better environmental management. But we need to develop and use the right tools in the right way.

Marine rewilding: time for a sea change?

Posted by Daniel Allen on 03/06/2019
With UN World Wildlife Day throwing the spotlight on subaquatic life, pioneering European restoration projects show the benefits of treating our marine assets differently.       

Ecosulis launches Tech Challenge

Posted by Daniel Allen on 02/19/2019
With the aim of advancing rewilding-related technology in the United Kingdom, and introducing new blood into the field of rewilding, Ecosulis is thrilled to announce the launch of our first ever Rewilding Tech Challenge, with a first prize of £5000.  

Ecosulis wins high-profile awards for innovative BQC app

Posted by Daniel Allen on 02/19/2019
Ecosulis's innovative BQC app is used by an increasingly broad spectrum of clients  (as well as company employees) to measure changes in biodiversity quality, delivering value and improving conservation outcomes at a growing range of sites across the United Kingdom. The app's groundbreaking nature was recently recognised with two awards.    

Recovering Nature Series: a focus on trophic species

Posted by Sara King BSc (Hons) MCIEEM on 02/01/2019
Nature in the United Kingdom is in decline. Populations of priority species have decreased by more than 60% since the 1970s, and there is no evidence of a reversal in this trend. UK landscapes are under more pressure than ever to deliver housing, infrastructure and food. Several species, including once common animals such as the European hedgehog, are in danger of disappearing forever. We need to ensure that policy and conservation methods protect the best of the biodiversity that we have left within the UK. But we also need to restore the habitats, species and biodiversity that we have lost in recent years. Climate change is the next big threat to our species and habitats, and we are currently in a poor position to mitigate its impact.

Evaluating biodiversity – how does the Defra Metric measure up?

Posted by Sara King BSc (Hons) MCIEEM on 02/01/2019
Defra are looking to release an upgraded biodiversity impact calculator - the Defra Biodiversity Metric - to assist with the quantitative assessment of net gain and no net loss. Yet its failure to assess biodiversity means Ecosulis remains one step ahead. Sara King, Our Biodiversity Assessment Specialist, provides a summary in this article.

Rewilding, people and agriculture

Posted by Vance Russell on 11/26/2018
Vance Russell, Biodiversity Lead at Ecosulis, talks about the growing (and heartening) crossover between communities, farming and wild nature.