A Year in the Life of a Biodiversity Expert

Posted by Annie Hatt on 27/01/2016

Alan is a world leader in the measurement of biodiversity, creator of a computer program which can estimate biodiversity quality in a range of taxa, researcher in a number of fields and CIEEM Chartered Ecologist. Alan works with Ecosulis as a scientific advisor and non-executive director, as well as a Senior Research Fellow of the Faculty of Engineering at Bristol University. Previously he was the course Director of the Bristol University MSc. Water and Environmental Management. He is also a fully qualified teacher and a leading researcher in reflective practice. 

Alan’s previous research projects include biodiversity assessment of a Candidate World Heritage Site in Turkey and biodiversity assessment of macro fungi. He also undertakes specialist research into the ecology and biodiversity of slime moulds.  

During 2015 Alan has:

  • Been appointed a Lead Author for the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), Europe and Central Asia Region
  • Travelled to Switzerland on two occasions to attend plenary meetings for the IPBES
  • Chaired the CIEEM judging panel for Best Student Projects
  • Been a member of editorial boards including Water and Environment Journal and Ecological Indicator Journal
  • Reviewed over 15 submitted papers to the above journals
  • Become a member of the editorial board for Mikologia Italia  

Papers Written

And if that wasn’t enough, Alan also wrote nine publications in 2015:

  • IPBES Conceptual Framework: An Unhelpful start
  • The occurrence of myxomycetes in wood?
  • Biodiversity of Agriculture (as a data set as well as a conference paper)
  • 159- Phenols in leaves and bark as Fagus sylvatica as determinates of inset occurrence
  • A case study of evidence for showing ‘no net loss’ of bird biodiversity in a development project
  • Butterflies and Nitrogen: The Netherlands Experience
  • The mycosociology of macro fungi as indicators of the presence of stipitate hydniods
  • The response of myxogastrids to soil amendments


Alan is a fundamental member of the Ecosulis team providing the company with an invaluable insight into biodiversity and current research.