Rising to the challenge

Posted by Suzi Cross on 14/09/2020

Meeting the varied demands of 2020 has taken Ecosulis to a new level of operational excellence.  


Staying strong

Ecosulis has experienced a hugely transformative 2020. We have closed our office in Bath (partly as a result of COVID-19), with staff now working mostly from home. We have also opened a new office in Oxford, which is more central to our national operations - this is available to all employees to use as a meeting place when required.


With financial pressures and health and safety requirements potentially impacting operations across the board, COVID-19 has forced all companies to re-examine how they will maintain strong, productive partnerships with clients and suppliers. As such, businesses must not only be diligent in supply chain decision making, but bolster their ability to meet changing demand by focusing on key factors such as the quality of their products and services, balance sheet strength, competence of personnel and reputation.


Ecosulis is in a strong position in this regard, having worked hard with employees, clients and supply chain partners to manage the short and long-term risks associated with the pandemic. As a pioneering, highly experienced biodiversity and habitat restoration consultancy and contractor, we remain as committed as ever to biodiversity enhancement, innovation, health and wellbeing, and provision of the highest quality work. Please read our briefing note for more details on why Ecosulis is your post-pandemic partner of choice.  



Meeting contractual obligations

Concurrent with our transition to a new working environment, we have been busy refining the operational side of our business, perfecting our ability to administer a variety of complex contracts, including the much maligned NEC suite. Having mastered the art of fulfilling our contractual obligations, we are happy to share tips on best practice and how to avoid potential pitfalls.


With quality and compliance both key long-term drivers for Ecosulis, the need to work to a more rigid framework has undoubtedly been an exacting examination of our core competencies. Nevertheless, rising to this challenge has elevated us to a new level of operational excellence. Not only are we now fully conversant with the huge volumes of task-specific RAMS documentation that need to be prepared ahead of mobilisation, and the forensic programme on Primavera P6 which has to be produced, but also the wide range of working permits, traffic schedules, access arrangements, lift plans, compensation documentation and weekly reporting that running an NEC project entails.




Strengthening human resources

We have expanded our in-house team in 2020, recruiting exciting new talent to help us move through different stages of key projects. We have now added Quality Auditing to our portfolio of services, and are happy to discuss how this could add value to your business.

Last but not least, we are currently migrating our human resources management to the acclaimed Bamboo HR platform - this will enable seamless integration with our essential staff scheduling platform and improve supply chain management.


Scaling up for the future

With all the changes that have taken place over the last nine months, we are delighted to report that most of our systems, platforms and processes have scaled up without a hitch. While we were always confident that this would be the case, delivering on multi-million pound contracts has provided a rigorous test that has ultimately left us in a stronger position.


The ultimate objective of all of these operational changes is, of course, to ensure that Ecosulis remains a profitable company with a reputation for professional excellence. As such, significant time and effort has been invested at both management and board level to maintain the accuracy of our forecasting and cost control, with our bespoke cashflow model providing invaluable insight spanning the forthcoming two-year period.


All in all, we can look ahead to the remainder of 2020 and beyond with optimism, confident in our ability to meet our clients' needs and to continue making their nature restoration ambitions a reality.