Pioneering Rapid Ecological Assessment Launched

Posted by Sara King BSc (Hons) MCIEEM on 24/11/2015

Ecosulis are now offering a Pioneering Pre-Acquisition Rapid Risk Assessment to allow an initial ecological site assessment to be made at the pre-acquisition stage. Ecology can have timing constraints and constraints to layouts, especially where notable habitats or protected species are present. There are too many projects where ecological consultants are brought in at a late stage when the layout has been fixed, and as a result it can be difficult and expensive to change the layout to accommodate ecological mitigation. It is therefore always recommended that you engage with an ecologist at an early stage.

Our rapid risk assessment can provide an initial assessment based on a desktop study, to aid with the pre-acquisition process before site access can be obtained. This highlights potential features that are likely to have high ecological value (and require retention and a buffer) in red, orange areas that are likely to have some ecological value but could be removed subject to appropriate mitigation, and green areas which are likely to have low ecological value. This can allow a quick assessment of the developable areas, and those that should be retained within the layout. This can also show potential constraints, such as ponds within 500m that may support great crested newt, that might not get pick up at the pre-acquisition stage.