Oooo Arrrr Cider!

Posted by Suzi Day and Kate Hayward on 23/12/2011

At this time of year, our thoughts are naturally gravitating towards the Ecosulis Christmas Party and this year in particular to our celebrations at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant in the historic city of Bath in the South West.

A favourite tipple at this festive time, popular with all staff, is cider.  Many staff at Ecosulis rely on the well-known “cider-jacket” in order to keep warm on the journey home from the Christmas party, although the efficacy of this has never been fully proven (despite extensive research).  Another popular misconception is that cider, being made almost entirely from fruit, constitutes a percentage of our “Five a Day”, however this is sadly not the case.  Nutritionists strongly advise against this practice.

Here in the West Country, we are proud of our cider heritage.  Visitors to the popular “Tucker’s Grave Inn” in Faulkland, near Frome can enjoy cider in its rawest form....rough cider or “scrumpy”.  Rough cider was originally marketed to simple country folk with an uneducated palette and popularised by people like the Wurzels, but a recent marketing drive by a popular Irish brand, Magners has totally changed the perception and buying of cider.  Now, young successful professionals can enjoy the “cider over ice”concept and are doing so, in their droves (some of us more traditional cider drinkers strongly disapprove).  These new popular bottled ciders are not to be confused with the industrial high strength ciders, historically enjoyed by those who frequent park-benches and lonely train stations wearing grubby clothing on the road to oblivion.

Here at Ecosulis we even have our own cider-maker in the form of James Tristram, whose first batch of the strong stuff will be ready in the spring.

So, from all of at Ecosulis, have a very merry Christmas and make sure you enjoy a glass or two over the festive season!!