Localism Bill - In a Pickle?

Posted by Rod Ellison on 9/12/2010

Since the Queens speech regarding the Coalition governments Localism and Decentralisation Bill in May 2010, much speculation has shrouded the consultation period1.The Bill, set to `shake up` top down politics and empower the widely branded` Grass root `community involvement , has received mixed reviews from architectural and construction communities3.

Since the Department for Communities and Local Government Draft Structure Reform Plan (July 2010), rumours both in the media and the related professions, had hinted towards a November 22 release4.However, Inside Housing have commented on an update from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills last week saying that “the bill would be published on 9 December, but the Communities and Local Government department has refused to confirm a date”5.

Greg Clark, told the Sunday Telegraph: "This government has ambitious proposals to make the system fit to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Above all, we want to change the philosophy behind local planning. We want to move away from a system with significant elements of imposition from above, to one with participation and involvement at its heart … [and] real opportunities for people to have a say"6.

Yet with all the recent hype from a multitude of bodies, speculation is now hinting at press release next year. Inside housing published an article on the 8th December 2010 regarding these delays, and is one of the more creditable sources of reference, opposed to some`wild` tabloid assumptions5.

To summate, Eric Pickles (Communities and Local Government Secretary) has yet to confirm or deny why the Bill has not been passed as of yet. Reports , mainly from the RTPI, Inside Builder and other built environment and planning bodies are suggesting delays and not hinting towards a 2011 release. However, this contrasts with self-proclaimed `Twitter Sources`7 with mixed reports suggesting CLG comment later today (9/12/2010) and others speculating 2011 release due to the pressing student fees vote scheduled for today.


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