Innovative Ecologists Maximize BREEAM Credits

Posted by Marina Martin BSc & Hannah Maben BSc MIEEM on 12/01/2011

Suitably Qualified Ecologists from Ecosulis have been compiling Code for Sustainable Homes, EcoHomes and BREEAM Ecology Reports for a range of clients for over six years and to date have completed around 50 reports. Ecosulis has experience in completing Ecology Reports for BREEAM multi-residential, offices, education, healthcare and bespoke projects.

Ecosulis offers innovative methods of maximizing ecology credits for developments, such as recommending the use of green roofs and tailoring bat and bird boxes/tubes to the species present on the site and considering the aesthetics of the project.  Having combined the implementation of ecological mitigation with our consultancy services for over 20 years we have been able to refine our proposals, which gives us great confidence that the measures we propose are both pragmatic and cost effective.

Ecosulis has also been appointed at the construction phases of numerous developments to ensure that the construction staff and workforces are aware of the requirements in respect to European and UK legislation, planning conditions and the BREEAM Ecology Report, such as: 

  • Toolbox talks for fulfill requirements relating to “Training workforce”
  • Habitat creation
  • Input into programmes to avoid/minimize disturbance to wildlife
  • Vegetation clearance


We have good long-standing relationships with architects, landscape architects, planners and masterplanning teams, which have been built upon mutual trust and understanding.

A number of the schemes we have provided input into have been awarded high ecology credits and have achieved ratings of excellent.  Included below are some project examples where developments have achieved high ecology credits based upon following advice given within our reports: 


“Blackpool Council commissioned Ecosulis to provide ecological consultancy services for ten of our local school sites as part of the Governments Building Schools for the Future scheme. Ecosulis offer excellent value for money and were able to respond very quickly, while still maintaining a high standard of work. I would highly recommend their Consultancy services and look forward to working with them in the future” (Strategic Asset Management Officer for Blackpool Council).