Growth and diverse project work for Ecosulis’s EIA and Planning Team

Posted by Rod Ellison on 25/11/2010

The past six months has been a busy period for Ecosulis EIA and Planning team.  Despite the fragile economy, the team has won a number of new opportunities across England and Wales and has also established a presence in Scotland. 

Enquiries have been coming in for projects across a range of sectors including tourism and leisure,residential and the energy sector.  Diverse recent commissions include:

  • EIA for an Energy from waste scheme
  • Anaerobic digestion due diligence
  • Wind farms - ETSU and Hydrological assessments
  • CCGT power plants – operational noise models
  • Natural gas pipelines – optional appraisal and mitigation strategies
  • Solar PV arrays – Feasibility and detailed reports
  • Securing exceptions to the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations


Ecosulis has also developed a site appraisal format for rapid appraisal of a site’s environmental liabilities suitable for use during acquisition due diligence (the product is offered with a 72 hour turnaround post instruction).

Rod Ellison, who heads up the EIA and Planning team, has also provided a presentation to the Association of European Lawyers (AEL) on the consenting regime for national significant infrastructure projects.  The AEL Chairperson commended Rod on his presentation stating “very interesting and informative and was pitched at just the right level of detail”