Entering Ecosulis

Posted by Annie Hatt on 22/06/2015

Entering the world of Ecosuils seemed like a daunting task when I stepped into the office in early June as a brand new member of the team. As with starting at any new job, there were unfamiliar faces and surroundings, a million new things to learn and remember; from computer systems and timetables to names and responsibilities of all the people in the office. A daunting task for anyone, regardless of their confidence level.

Opening the door I took a deep breath and was completely unsure of what I would face once I stepped inside. It is easy to say, however, once the first five minutes of hellos and nerves had passed I felt very at ease within the office surroundings. Each and every person I met was as welcoming and helpful as the next and I felt very comfortable almost instantly.

Although feeling slightly bombarded by the instant mass of information about the new systems, my worries were soon eased as Sara King, Senior Ecological Consultant, made me feel relaxed. Taking a few minutes to look over the systems and take it all in, with a boss who takes the time to help and talk you through it, even if it is more than once, I soon got to grips with the basics of the system. In the evening I was put straight to work assisting with a bat activity survey with Marc. Although the evening was a great laugh, it was full of new information and skills which gave me a feeling a serious accomplishment. Already, within only the one survey under my belt with this company, I felt excited for the future here. I must say thank you to Marc; for all the insight he has given to me in terms of working with the company, people and their personalities and daily life in the office.

All in all with my first week over, I am thoroughly excited about the future here, excited to expand my knowledge as well as be involved with this fab group of people who call themselves the Ecosulis family.