Ecosulis?!!! Where on earth did they get the name?!!!

Posted by on 9/09/2011

In 2004 the Directors of what was then Conservation Consultancy Ltd, took the decision that a change of name and image was in order to reflect the move from primarily an ecological consulting and contracting company to one with an expanding range of services, a growing and diversified workforce and an increased level of expertise.

The Directors wanted to get everyone in the company involved and invited the staff to enter a competition with their ideas for a new name. At the staff Christmas party in 2004, it was announced that Kate Hayward (then a senior ecological consultant) had successfully won the competition with her entry and on 1 April 2005 Ecosulis was officially born!!

The name Ecosulis is derived from “eco” which means that all our work relates to ecology or to the environment, and “sulis” taken from the deity worshipped at the thermal spring of Bath. It was felt that this name truly reflected the new direction the company was taking whilst acknowledging our geographical roots in Bath.

Ecosulis is still operating out of Bath, although we now have offices in Exeter at the Innovation Centre, Richmond, Monmouth  and Chester. Our head office is situated in the picturesque village of Newton St Loe on Duchy of Cornwall land.

We continue to offer a huge range of diverse and innovative services through our four main departments, Ecological Consulting, Countryside Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Research and Development. As an employee-owned company, Ecosulis invests heavily in the training and development of its staff, facilitating the delivery of our core services: