Ecosulis Supporting Hedgehog Awareness Week!

Posted by Annie Hatt BSc (Hons) on 6/05/2016

Hedgehog awareness week kicks off this week and the Ecological Consulting Team at Ecosulis are helping to spread the word!  

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society are running Hedgehog Awareness Week for another year, and this time it is focusing on strimming and garden machinery. Every year hundreds of hedgehogs are injured or killed as a result of coming into contact with machinery. You can help prevent this simply by checking areas for hedgehogs before using machines! 

Here at Ecosulis, we are lucky enough to have a local hedgehog who visits our office garden at night, so we are keen to spread the word!   


A few little extras you can also do within your garden include:  

  • Give Hedgehogs Access! Create a 13cm × 13cm gap within your fence or garden gate.  
  • Stop Burning! Moving woodpiles to another site before burning will stop discouraging hedgehogs into your garden.  
  • Check Compost! Checking compost piles before moving or using your garden fork will stop accidental injury.  
  • Reduce use of Pesticides! Reduce or stop using pesticides in your garden, allow the hedgehogs to do the work for you.  
  • Use Natural Fertilisers! This will maintain the invertebrate population (insects and bugs) in your garden, and provide a ready supply of food for hedgehogs. 
  • Cover Holes! Cover drains and deep holes to prevent hedgehogs falling in and getting stuck. 
  • Provide Escape! Ensure ponds have escape routes / ramps. 

Hedgehogs are not a protected species, but they are a UK Biodiversity Action Plan Priority Species, due to their population decline. For more information and other bits you can do to help hedgehogs, see the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) website