ecosulis ltd becomes an employee-owned company

Posted by on 27/07/2010

After many years of planning and restructuring Ecosulis ltd became an employee owned company on the 19 January 2007. Dave Green has stepped down as Chairman after a well planned and deserved retirement.

Cain Blythe has over seven years consultancy experience and is continuing his role as Managing Director of the employee owned company, having already operated in this role for more than a year. Starting out with Jacobs Ltd, Cain joined Ecosulis Ltd four and a half years ago and has been planning this succession alongside the Board of Directors throughout this period. Kate Hayward has been with the company for almost five years and is Technical Director, while Hannah Price is Operations Director with over five years experience, approaching two years with Ecosulis Ltd and more than three with WSP Environmental Ltd. Kate and Hannah continue to manage some of the largest and most prestigious projects for the company and support our team of 23 employees on all technical aspects of projects.

The majority of employees have invested in the new company, which demonstrates their continued commitment to both the new Board of Directors and our customers. We feel that the employee ownership enhances the quality of our services and long term commitments to our customers. We are currently developing a Vision Statement for the company and this has been developed by all staff. Key aims of our Vision Statement, are to:

  • Establish a national reputation as a leading, independent service provider
  • Maintain our commitment to our clients and staff alike, striving for total satisfaction
  • Deliver practical, yet adaptable solutions through an innovative approach 

We hope you will agree that these recent changes will be of major benefit to all of our customers. However, if you have any questions regarding the change of ownership please do not hesitate to contact Cain Blythe or any other member of the team.