Ecosulis engaged as Bradford on Avon declares ecological emergency

Posted by Daniel Allen on 29/07/2020


Ecosulis will carry out a biodiversity survey and help the town enhance its green spaces and wildlife.


The common kingfisher: frequently sighted along the waterways of Bradford on Avon. Credit: Alcedo Atthis.


Ecosulis has been engaged by the town of Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire to carry out a biodiversity survey and advise on ways to enhance the area's wild nature. Having just declared a "climate and ecological emergency", the town council is looking for ways to better support the town's green spaces and their wildlife, with the survey intended to better inform land management decision making going forwards.


"Ecosulis specialises in turning our client's nature restoration ambitions into reality," says Cain Blythe, Ecosulis Managing Director. "As a local business with employees living in Bradford on Avon, we are delighted to have been contracted to advise on ways to enhance the town's biodiversity.


"With this contract the town council have shown a great commitment to nature restoration and supporting a community that is already highly engaged in improving Bradford on Avon's green spaces. We anticipate significant benefits for residents, visitors and local wild nature in the coming years."


Bisected by the River Avon, the town of Bradford on Avon has a number of green spaces which support an array of wildlife, including species such as kingfishers, otters and a wide range of fish and bats.


"Living through the past few months of lockdown, many of us experienced an enhanced appreciation of nature and its effect on wellbeing, as we are fortunate in Bradford on Avon to already have a vibrant local ecology," says Leader of the Council, Dom Newton.


"However, as the 2019 State of Nature Report highlighted, wildlife numbers are dwindling at an alarming rate in the UK, so anything we can do to help animals, birds, insects and plants thrive is worth doing - for them and for us. To do that, we need first to understand what the current situation is, and are very pleased to appoint Ecosulis to establish this."


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