Ecosulis Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Posted by Suzi Day and Cain Blythe on 17/02/2015

In 1990, Ecosulis was a family owned business set up by Dave and Ali Green. Ecosulis was run from the family home and grew by addressing clients needs at the time, by offering applied ecological knowledge, technical capability and a strong commercial awareness.

Over the twenty five years since, the business has expanded and has a presence throughout the UK and offices in Bath, Exeter, Monmouth, Chester and London. The HQ is based in a 3,000sq ft Rickyard (seed store) located between Bristol and Bath.

In January 2007 the business was taken through an employee buyout, by Cain Blythe (MD), which significantly focussed the business values and priorities and also created another level of commercial awareness within the management team. Today, we still hold to the original values and have come a long way in terms of strategic direction, client focus and commitment to people, biodiversity and quality.

As is borne out by our long list of accreditations and memberships, our management team are dedicated to providing the best experience to our clients. One of our clients once said that we had helped them see through the black art of ecology and our aim is to continue to ease this pain by identifying a clear way through the costly and time-consuming ecological red tape of a project. Our staff benefit from investment in high quality external training and CPD giving them the tools to manage projects of any size and complexity. As a company we foster strong links with local universities, in fact it’s one of our key business imperatives. We support the University of Bristol Internship Programme and often host MSc students in their placements, a practice which is both beneficial to the business and student alike.

These days we work tirelessly to ensure the best solution is tailored to our clients needs and realise that a one-size does not always fit all! Twenty five years in our business has taught us that the distinct sides of our business, ecological consultancy, habitat creation, ecological contracting and biodiversity research, have very different needs and we ensure our staff have these key priorities in mind when managing projects. 

Our core values now relate to:

Biodiversity – too many ecologists these days are focussed on the conservation of single species or a group of species. We take the approach that we want to contribute to the enhancement of biodiversity in general. We acknowledge that there will always be winners and losers when it comes to enhancing biodiversity. This is why we have developed a method to value biodiversity and show a clear range of indicators that monitors the overall quality of biodiversity within and adjacent to sites.

Coexist – people and biodiversity are both important and in fact the belief that biodiversity is better off without people is incorrect. Often local knowledge and traditions are the reason why biodiversity exists in the first place. However, we also recognise that people can have a negative impact on biodiversity and our aim is to find outcomes that benefit people as well as biodiversity, so that they can coexist.

Health – many species indicate the health of the environment around you, for example, lichen indicate air quality and fungi soil quality. Our work involves helping to enhance the health of the environment so that both biodiversity and future generations can prosper. A depleted and unhealthy environment doesn’t benefit people or nature.

Innovation – with the abundance and accessibility of information, the rate of innovation is now unprecedented and we are actively engaged in the process of finding and developing novel, cost effective and measurable innovations for all projects that we work on, resulting in smarter outcomes.

Collaboration – with almost 7 billion people on the planet and globally accessible communications there is now no better time to tap into the power of the crowd. From citizen science through to remote teams we find ways to collaborate in everything that we do, building the best team for the job in hand.

2015 promises to be an exciting year for both staff, clients and the business alike. Later on this year we will be celebrating in style with at an as-yet-to-be disclosed location….. watch this space! We hope you will help us to celebrate our 25th Year!