Bristol launches its Green Capital Programme for 2015

Posted by Sara King BSc (Hons) MCIEEM on 9/02/2015

Bristol has been awarded European Green Capital for 2015, and has launched its programme to celebrate this. Features range from recycling initiatives to sustainable architecture and biodiversity. There are a whole range of events that are open to members of the public to get involved.  This includes a range of biodiversity enhancements, including floating harbours, details on birdfeeders and lichens and plant collections.

The European Green Capital is a prestigious annual award designed to promote environmental improvements.

Bristol has been chosen as the European Green Capital for 2015 due to its innovation and ambitious plans for the future. They have made advances with energy, waste, food and travel. One of their key value is improving quality of life through environmental initiatives.

Ecosulis have a range of core values, including increasing biodiversity, rewilding and improving health through enhancing green spaces. We are currently progressing a range of innovations, including biodiversity assessment and valuation to forecast improvements that can be made to landholdings for biodiversity. We have recently been working with Bristol Water to value the biodiversity of their landholdings, demonstrating why Bristol Water are a key member of the Bristol Green Capital Initiative. Ecosulis are also planning to support the green capital initiative in 2015 by providing talks and contributing to ideas to further improve the initiative.